FF-Predator Version 1.0 (designed by Tim McMahan)

Hey Everyone,

I just finished up an early “Beta Test” set of plans for Tim’s Predator style RC Aircraft. This plane was loosely based on the Predator/Reaper UAV planes the US Air Force uses. It’s a little bit of a mix of both planes. If any of you have been watching Tim and Jon’s YouTube channel “The Bloody Micks”, you’ve probably seen Tim’s version 1 of this plane. that was the initial test bed that Tim designed himself. The plans posted below are based off this initial plane of Tim’s and also incorporate a few changes based on some of the things Tim learned in the field and also from some of the input of the RCFF team. Please just note this is still a plan in testing and most likely there will be further refinements to it as time goes. Tim has just had a lot of people asking for plans, so we are rushing out an early version for everyone. Good luck to all who decide to build this plane and we do welcome any feed back for this model that may help refine newer versions of this plan.

Thanks, Paul


Here are some notes from Tim:

“Well Folks, by popular demand, we got plans knocked out for the Predator.  Expect some add-ons in coming weeks, but there was enough demand for these plans, that we’re giving you something to get started. This plane was never intended to be power house, but its 60” span an undeniable lines make this graceful flier a real sight to see in the air. Here’s something to let you build your own, and in the meantime, we’ll see about some bells and whistles for it.

The version 1 Predator was powered with a 2212-10 from RC hot Deals, a 20amp ESC, a 3s 25-30C 1300mah battery, and ran an 8×6 prop. Using this set up, it was no speed demon or power house, but flew very gracefully with plenty of climb rate. The prototype was foamboard with a Fanfold wing and no tape, and came in around 22oz. There should be no issues going to all foamboard. Recommended control set up is Elevator/Ailerons. At 22-25oz and a top speed around 45mph, this should be an gentle parkflyer, with an unmistakable look. Additions are planned for this model, including landing gear, and a KFm3 wing.”

Link to Tim and Jons YouTube Channel with video of the FF-Predator”

Link to RC Groups Forum for this model:


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Free FF-Predator Template Plans

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