The FF-23V2 Plans are now available at the rcFoamFighters Plans store via the below link.

FF-23V2 50percent


  1. Wing Span: 28.0 Inches (71.12cm)
  2. Length: 42.20 Inches (107.88cm)
  3. AUW: 27.0 Ounces (840gm) (As Built with FoamBoard, Depron or Fan Fold may result in a lighter model)
  4. Servos: 3ea Micro Metal Gear Recomended
  5. Motor: 400Watt minimum or Better Brushless motor recomended. The Test versions of the plane rcFoamfighters built had a Grayson Hobby Monster Jet and a Hobby King NTM 2436-2200kv both rated at close to 700Watts. Prop was an APC 6×5.5. Run on 4s Lipo Pack.  A Grayson Hobby Super Mega Jet would also make a good motor for a 3S Lipo set up.
  6. Speed: Up to 85+mph (137kph) depending on motor used.
  7. Required Radio: Minimum 4-Channel  (Recomended 2.4ghz)
  8. Flight Skill Required: Intermediate to Advanced
  9. Building Skill Required: Intermediate
  10. Built from 4 Sheets or 20×30 inch Dollar Tree Foamboard.

Build Videos:

Flight Videos:




IMG_3949 IMG_3858IMG_3943

(Email from Pat Adamson)


I finally finished my Aurora that the you designed. I did a couple of mods like carbon fiber stabilizers and the area behind the motor. I also used bristle board for the turtle deck. I didn’t like the fit of the foam board to the fuselage. I live in Ontario Canada about 1 hour north of Toronto. I hope to achieve 100 mph with my setup.

Thanks for the great design.

Pat Adamson

DSC05175 (1024x768) DSC05171 (1024x768) DSC05172 (1024x768) DSC05173 (1024x768) DSC05174 (1024x768)


Here’s a quick email and some cool pictures Daren Holder sent us about some of the rcFoamFighters planes he’s made.



Hi Guys

Thought I’d flick you an e-mail with some pictures of my latest FF builds.
 I’ve been thrashing my FF T 50 for over a year now and its holding up well, it’s my all time favourite model! So I have had a go at some of the other plans on your website. The Euro fighter and the B2 from the MESA team,the Black Jack and lastly the Predator. I built the Black Jack with a 2836-2350 motor, it was a real hoot to fly, even in really high winds it handled just fine and the roll rate was a source of amusement to all who saw it! But it was way loud so I stripped out the motor to put on the Predator which I’ve had the parts cut out for for ages but gave up with thinking it was unlikely to fly due to the layout of the flying surfaces. How wrong I was. It fly s very well, and unlimited vertical performance.
I really enjoy building the FF planes, thanks guys.
Very Best Regards
Daren Holder
New Zealand

Hello Paul and others,

After watching many of your test videos, I kind of feel like starting by saying, “Hey Guys, lets take a look at ….it’s pretty much dialed in!” LOL That is soooo Midwestern dialect!  I enjoy it a lot.  Anyway I built a couple of your FF-22’s both flew super, the second one was better than the first due to learning somethingfrom the first one.  Then I went for the FF-15, and WOW, I could not get that one dialed in before destroying it.  I always wanted to fly an F-15!

I got an idea about taking the FF-22, pretty much as designed, and modifying the planform to look like an F-15, hoping to get the nice and smooth flying characteristics of your FF-22, but the looks of an F-15.  I basically left the wing sweep alone, fuselage the same, cut the trailing edge of wing and wing tips to look more like the F-15, trimmed the twin vertical stabilizers, set them at 90 degrees to wing surface, and reshaped the elevator to look a little more f-15ish.  Got it done!  Maiden flight was last evening, and the result is exactly as I thought.  It looks kind of like an F-15, sort of, but handles like the FF-22, maybe slightly less drag.  I’ll attach a picture, top view so you can see the differences.  Anyway that’s about it for now, just thought you guys might be interested.

Hey Paul why is the FF-15 design so twitchy?  Does it require speed to be stable?  The FF-22 causes me no problem at all.  One thing I noticed with the FF-15 was at times it might roll right, I would counter with left, sometimes full left and it would continue banking right.  I was flying it with ailerons’, and elevato,r no mixing of elevons at all.  Is that possibly the problem?

Thanks Guys, keep up the interesting work.  For once I can fly RC without months of building, followed by seconds of terror, and not learning a whole lot!


Ron King


Hi Paul Petty,

I feel the Aurora is your best work to date “nice work”, watched the YouTube videos and quickly decided I had to build one with my spin on. So just finished and thought you might be interested in seeing how I interpreted your plans for the Aurora. I always build with Depron 6mm white but this time used 6mm black. The black depron is lighter, less brittle and sands nicely but not as strong, so with the KF2 and a CF spar the wing turned out light and strong. I will use it more now.

Wing Span              30 5/8″
Length                    38.5″
Flying Wt. W Battery 22.5 oz
Battery,Sky Lipo 30c 4s 14.8 Volts
ESC 50 Amp
Motor LX 2600 KV 18.5Volts
EDF Hercules 6 blade
EDF thrust @ 14.5 v=40oz (17.5oz + thrust on model)

Thanks Paul

Gary C
Rochester NY


FF-Aurora Speed Plane

FF-Aurora Side view

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to write up a quick blog post and let you know the plans for the FF-Aurora are now finished and available on our Planes page.

This was a pretty cool plane to design and fly. It was specifically designed for the New Grayson Hobby Monster Jet Motors. My original goal was to build a foamboard plane capable of breaking the 100mph mark. With its first flight we came really close hitting 97mph. This was with the 2400kv Monster Jet on 3S Lipo Pack and a 7×5 APC prop.  On our Second flight we put a 4S Lipo Pack in and changed the prop to an APC 6×5.5  prop. On this flight the plane hit 103.8mph! Not to bad for a foamboard plane with a 28 inch wing span and weighing in at 27 ounces.

In the end the plane proved to be a fun and capable plane to at both slow and fast speeds. I believe the KFm2 Airfoil had a part to play in it’s overall good flight characteristics.  So thanks again to Dick Kline the inventor of the KF Airfoil and good friend.

We will be doing more flights with the FF-Aurora in the future. You too can build one if you like with the available plans in our plans store. For more information on the FF-Aurora please visit the “Planes” Tab above or click on the link below.

Happy Flying everyone!

Click to go to FF-Aurora Info Page




FF-Aurora RC Plane


Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know of the good news! Now available for free are the plans to Ken Tanpinco’s and the MESA Team’s  MFB-2! This is a very cool foamboard RC plane design. Ken Tanpinco our RCFF California Connection originally started the design of this cool plane. Ken had a pretty good working prototype made which flew really good. Ken thought it would be a cool idea to forward on his prototype plans to the MESA RCFF Team (an after school program, lead by teacher Jake Marshal) and see if they could work on perfecting the design and making some plans. Well with quite a few hours of hard work student Cody Lightbody  finished the revised design with help from Ken and Mr. Marshal. They did an outstanding job and the plane proved to be an awesome flyer!  Cody, Mr. Marshal and Ken wanted to thank everyone who has giving them and the entire MESA program their support. So to do this they wanted to give the plans away free for this awesome plane! So bravo to these guys for all their efforts and awesome gesture of thanks.  You all definately have the rcFoamFighters Spirit and have made all of us on the RCFF Team very proud. Keep up the great work guys!



Here is a link to the free plans on the MESA RCFF website:!__mfb-2-stealth-bomber

Link to the plans are also now under the “Planes” tab.




Hello everyone,

I’ve gotten a few request for plans on the FF-64 Recon lately. Currently there are no formal plans for the Recon as it was built as one off type plane and kind of thrown together as I went.  I do have a very basic drawing for some templates, but please note these are not complete like my usual formal plans. Anyone who wants to build this plane will have to find much of the information on there own. I may in the future create formal plans with all the proper notes. etc. but for now this is all that is available.

Link to Basic PDFPlan:

Hello everyone,

A friend and viewer of rcFoamFighters, Derrick Rose, sent us some pictures and information for a cool speed plane he has designed. He wanted to share his plane design with everyone and provided the information and pictures below.  Nice work on the plane Derrick and thanks too for sharing your design with all of us.



(Below is email from Derrick)


Hi Frank, Paul and friend,
Here’s a blue print for a 3 or (4) cell speed airplane by Derrick Rose. Nose to tail 1 feet 11 inches, wing to wing 2 feet 6 inches. You will need one sheet of 1/4 inch foam board from Wal-Mart & 1/2 inch & 1 inch foam from Home Depot. This wing design is a KF-2
1- Cut total shape of plane from 1/4 foam board
2- Cut the KF-2 wing design which includes the 2 inch middle. (one hole sheet) Lay in arrow shafts or carbon rods.
3- Sand front & back edges 1 inch about 45% (shape the wing)
4- Cut 1 inch foam 2 feet 6 inches long & 2 inches wide. Lay down the middle of the KF-2 foam
5- Cut a 2 inch sq. from the 1/4 foam board epoxy on the back for motor mount
6- The battery is on the edge, so you will to cut a 1/2 foam about half way down from the nose, so the the battery will lay flat
7- Shape nose, make 1 or 2 fins, tap on elev ect…
With a 4 cell plane you can use= (Hobby King) Turnigy 60 AMP speed controller; Zippy flight-max 2650 mah 4 cell; Turnigy SK series 35-36 1400 kv/550w; 8×6 or 8×7 propeller. Note the 8×7 flying time is 5min. or less. This is a very fast airplane,  have fun!

Click on Picture to view larger Image.

Just wanted to share some awesome news!

After a great first year, our kids and Teacher Jake Marshall of the MESA RCFF after school program have won a Creative Grant for the amazing work they do with RC Planes.  The MESA Program (Math Engineering Science Achievement) tries to encourage and teach children in a fun way.  Jake the Teacher is planning on using the funds won in the grant to move forward into using FPV equipment next year with the students. Many congrats to the Students and Jake for all they have done!

You can read more about the MESA Program and the Grant they won in the news article below. Click on the Link!


MESA RCFF Team Wins Creative Grant!



FF-T50 (Russian PAK-FA Inspired RC Plane)


Hello everyone,

This is just a quick post to let everyone know the plans for the FF-T50 are now finished and available through our plans store via the “Planes” tab or by clicking the link below.

This is an RC model designed by Paul Petty. The model was inspired by the Russian T-50 PAK-FA Stealth Fighter. The model is not completly scale to the real PAK-FA, but does have a very similar look and shape of the real plane. It was made with light, Readibroard brand Foamboard. The plane as shown in the picture above was painted with Testors Model paint and the bottom was covered with clear packing tape to make it more durable. Other materials such as Depron and Fan Fold may be used to make this model, but may require carbon spars.

The model is a great flyer even though it only uses Elevon style controls. Actually it has a Quad Elevon setup. The Elevators and Ailerons are set up as Elevons. You could modify it though as with any scratch build and make the control surfaces how you want.  It really is a fun plane to fly, and probably is one of the best handling out of the foamboard models I have designed.


Wing Span: 24 Inches (60.96cm)
Length: 32.86 Inches (83.46cm)
AUW: 23.0 Ounces (652gms) (As Built with FoamBoard, Depron or Fan Fold may result in a lighter model)
Servos: 2 Micro (Metal Gear Recommended)
Motor: Turnigy 2836-2350 Motor or Grayson Hobbies Super Mega Jet motor
Speed: 70mph (speed depending on motor used)
Required Radio: Minimum 4-Channel with Delta mixing (Recomended 2.4ghz)
Flight Skill Required: Beginner to Intermediate
Building Skill Required: Intermediate


Hey everyone, just wanted to share an email and pictures from Daan Bourdri of his RCFF Delta Wing. Pretty cool.

—————————————-Daan’s Email Below————————————————-

Hi Frank,
I charged the battery and it has definitely more power.
But when i showed my plane to a neighbour (who is also in the rc world) he said: i think you have the prop backwards.
I thought: huh?? i turned the prop around and i gave it some “gas”…. and FOOOOT!!! now it has more power than weight!
haha i never had thought that i made a mistake with the prop LOL.
and in case you can’t see the components well here’s a list:
Motor:   BL 2212/6
ESC:     30A
Battery: 2200mAh 3s1p
Receiver: Airtronics 8ch (i know it’s overkill :P)
Servo’s: Right out of the box of the transmitter (sanwa SRW-102)
transmitter: Airtronics RDS8000
Tech. data:
Weight of plane (unwrapped) :837grams
Thust: 875grams
Yet again THANKS,
Here are some pictures and a small video from my foamfighter.

Just a quick update to let you know the plans for Frank’s Bullet Plane are now available! Please see the “Planes” Tab or click link below.

Link to PDF Plans and Info

FF-Bullet Plane

FF-Bullet Plane

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to post a cool email about a plane Noel Soudant from the Netherlands made. So below I just shared his email and pictures of his cool plane. You did a good job Noel!






Hi Paul and frank
Here is a new design of mine
a blom & voss AE 605 a german x plane that never left the drawing board
just made it, it is a proto no plans yet. the actual maybe a bit lighter (more out of one piece = less glue)
its wingspan is 66 cm
weight around 600 grams +  21-22 ounces
super mega jet engine and  a 3s 2200 lipo
it is a hand full but lots of fun.
hope you like it.
Noel Soudant


FF-21 Decals

FF-21 Decals

 We received the above Decals and below Email from Ferra17.  He wanted to share with everyone the decals he made for the FF-21 Blackjack. Below is his email and also a link to the PDF Decal Plan Ferra17 made.


Hi… I’m Ferra17… I’m a new User of your blog… I think that this file can
be usefull for other people… if you want… take a look! bye!…

Link to PDF: