The Below Foamboard Planes are a good place to start if you have never built an RC plane before. These planes use smaller motors than most of the advanced planes and are easier to fly.

All the below plane plans are Free to Download

**This Page Is Updated Over Time, Check Back For More Planes **

rcFoamFighters FREE Foamboard Series Models
Picture Model Name Designed By Link to Plans
Link to PDF Plans and Info FF-22
(FoamFighter 22)
Paul Petty Link to PDF Plans and Info
Picture Model Name Designed By Link to Plans
Link to PDF Plans and Info FF-23
(FoamFighter 23)
Paul Petty Link to PDF Plans and Info
Picture Model Name Designed By Link to Plans
Link to PDF Plans and Info FF-117
(FoamFighter 117)
Paul Petty Link to PDF Plans and Info
Picture Model Name Designed By Link to Plans
Link to PDF Plans and Info FB-28
(Fighter Bomber 28)
Frank Petty Link to PDF Plans and Info
Picture Model Name Designed By Link to Plans
Link to PDF Plans and Info FF-15
(FoamFighter 15)
Paul Petty Link to PDF Plans and Info
Picture Model Name Designed By Link to Plans
Link to PDF Plans and Info FF-Predator Tim McMahan Link to PDF Plans and Info
Picture Model Name Designed By Link to Plans
Link to PDF Plans and Info FF-21 Blackjack Ken Tanpinco Link to PDF Plans and Info

62 Responses to “Basic Planes”

  • Jim Q:




    JIM Q

  • PPetty:

    The SuperNova Plans are still in the works, hoping to make them soon. The EPP used in the SuperNova was 30mm. Believe it or not, with the fiberglass weave on the 30mm EPP it did not require any spars either.
    Thanks for your support and interest.


  • RCoomber:

    Hi guys,

    Is there an ETA or even any word on whether the Jupiter plans will be available?

    Really interested in making on of them!

    Would also really like some info on the best way to run 2 brushless motors at the same time.


  • FoamHeadMike:

    RCFF Staff

    you guys have done an awesome job on your design plans you have made them very easy to follow,
    I am experimenting with EPE foam to build one of these designs I am thinking about using some coroplast to strengthen in some placesi am thinking that coroplast might be a good building material for these designs also.
    I have Dollar tree foam I am going to use too.
    Thanks for sharing your designs!

  • ghostman982:

    cane the MX-FRILL DRAGON not fly faster whit a 2212/10 brushless motor in place of a 2212/6 motor?

  • ghostman,
    Sorry for the late response, I didn’t even know this was down here. I don’t know if that motor will make it fly faster, you might just have to give it a try. Let me know how it works.

  • dwanel:

    hi i want to buy all the items for building f22,with manual,but m in india,nt m in india,cu u hellp me in geting the stuffs shipped in india,pliz reply

  • […] Mais vu mon niveau de pilotage, je me risquerai pas dans une construction comme celle la… Ici Planes je me suis permis de faire quelques variations… Regarde le Mx-2 dragon, il me plait bien […]

  • ghostman982:

    mesa also sorry for the late response but i don’t have any motors but i will try it whit the 2212/10 andthe 2212/6 motor.

  • ghostman982:

    5 october is my birthday lol if you want to send me a motor for my birthday just send the 1400 KV 2212/10 or the 2200 KV 2212/6 motor lol

  • ghostman982:

    i’m making the MX-2 FRILL DRAGON but i still need 3 things the motor the speed control and the batery ps the mesage of my birthday is just a joke but it is really my birthday

  • ghostman982:

    finally i have a rc plane but there is a problem it don’t flies

  • kevinzzz:

    I see no classic airplane here, is anybody interested in making the Lockheed Vega?

  • ghostman982:

    i’m going to make a all-terrain vehicle. all the parts are €1000 or more it cane go on the water, it cane go under water, in the air and on the ground. i will need 4 edf fanes 200mm 2 car motors 20 servo’s foamboard glue a little imagination 3 battery’s 3 bottels 2 air pressure tank’s and some tape or paint.

  • ghostman982:

    i have fergotten the speed control and a 9 CH transmiter and resever
    ps: my englisch is not so good so there can be a typing error.

  • turelp:

    Witam i dziękuję za plany F-117 bedę go budował .
    Jestem z Polski .
    mam zbudowanego MIG 29
    tutaj link do filmu z moim MIG 29
    Pozdrawiam wszystkich !!!

  • k.smith459:

    eyy tottaly awsome but where is the jupiter pdf

  • Sandeep:

    Hi! Can i add take off and landing wheels in Supernova. I have to make a plane that can take off and land from a place. Please suggest me….whether i can do these things with supernova plane…

  • Sandeep:

    Also can i do these things easily with supernova???
    a. Roll: The aircraft must perform a complete 360 degree roll.
    b. Vertical loop: The aircraft has to make a vertical loop.
    c. Horizontal Circle: The aircraft has to make a horizontal circle within a radius of 30m.

  • Vance:

    Really looking forward to the plans for the FF-Recon. Thanks a bunch guys.

  • Just about finished the FF-35 now Paul/Frank i’ve just got to put the motor,servos and ESC in tonight and then i’m hoping for some good weather to do a maiden flight over the weekend to see how she flies then i can spray paint her ;-)oh i glassed mine with Poly-C and glass fibre cloth like i did the park zone spitfire and if anyone wants to see how i did it just follow the link,hope thats ok boys 😉

  • Elcarteros:

    Hey guys, I love the supernova jet. But where can I find the original NovaJet PDF?

  • lazystik:

    1st flight of the FF-35 today. Flew right out of my hand with no problems.
    Attracted alot of attention at my club field. Can’t
    Wait to build the PAK-50! Great job guys!

  • Are there now or will there soon be any plans available for the EPP FF-22? I like the foamboard version. It looks and flies great. But I like the idea of the EPP version being 10% bigger, and I would like to build one out of EPP. So far all of my non balsa airplanes have been foamboard.

  • koval21184:

    I was wondering…what is the thickness of the foam is for the template? I found 1.9 foam but it comes in 3 different thicknesses…3mm, 6mm, and 9mm and was wondering which ones were used for the FF-Pro and FF-Peregrine?
    Thanks for your help

  • Frank Petty:

    koval21184 please download and read the pdf plans for these planes. All the information you are looking for is listed on the page 3 of the pdf plans under “Recommended Parts”.

  • koval21184:

    I’m sorry Frank, I read through the directions a couple of times and missed it. Thanks for the help though.

  • daristiz:

    Hi all , I am new to rc planes. Do you think this planes could be made of 2mm or 4mm coro? Here in my country it is difficult to find deprom,foamboard etc,and if found it is expensive, but coro is pretty common.
    What advice can you give me if building with coro?
    thanks in advance

  • Frank Petty:

    daristiz other people have had success building some of our designs with coroplast. I see no reason why you can’t do the same. Since we haven’t built any this way ourselves the only advice we can give you is to try it out. After all these planes all started off as an idea and were complete scratch builds so don’t be afraid to experiment! Good luck and have some fun!!!

  • koval21184:

    This is probably a very stupid question but on the ff-peregrine, how do you attach the uprights to the plane? Also, how are the rear flaps attached?

  • inventor_1996:

    i am very new to the world of rc, and am currently making the FF-Peregrine.
    i was just thinking what if you release the plans of a plane no matter how slow, how small, or how anything! but very easy to build! i very basic structure of a rc plane, one-channeled for someone’s first plane…what do you think?
    please do reply!!

  • nickwilt:

    hi everyone , im after the novajet plans , Not the supernova , i understand the basic nova jet is smaller, if anyone has the planes can you please email to i live in the uk.many thanks

  • nickwilt:

    does anyone have email to contact the site the admin doesnt work

  • nakape:

    i have a 1250kv, 60amp esc and a 1350 3s 25c battery. wondering if that be enough for building any plane? oh yup. i also have a 5000mh,3s,30c battery too…

  • koval21184:

    Need some help here…How do you attach the uprights for the Peregrine? Can anyone help me?
    Thank you to anyone with info…

  • scooter:

    hi all i am going to build the FF-15 🙂 but i would like to know what thicknesses depron foam must i use ????? can anyone help thanks

  • BiancaLott20:

    The home loans suppose to be important for people, which want to organize their company. By the way, it is very comfortable to receive a college loan.

  • Gizza:

    Guys can anyone do a step by step for the predator please ????

  • papabearflying:

    Hello from Germany, just registered here, wow there´s so many great planes you just don´t now where to start 🙂 Is there a FF forum where one can ask questions and get help? Thanks

  • Frank Petty:

    papabearflying there is’t an FF forum at the moment but if you do a search on RC Groups forums you will find a couple builds there. Also be sure to check out rcFoamFighters YouTube channel. There are build videos for most of the planes listed here, if all that doesn’t help just pick one you like!

  • papabearflying:

    Hi Frank, hi Paul greetings from Germany! Do you guys have anything against me making a couple of stickers using your logo? I´d like to have them on my Fun Jet and eventually on my T-50 when it´s finished. I look forward to your reply.
    Thanks Chris.

  • Frank Petty:

    papabearflying not a problem with the stickers as long as they are for your own personal use and not for sale.

  • Ethan:

    I got the FF-Preadator plans and need to know what size foam to use. Anyone?

  • momo:

    is there any bullet proof plane details? and best recomendation for controls…pls post some info….

  • papabearflying:

    Hello! Does anyone know if there are plans for the Aurora? Thanks

  • papabearflying:

    Hello! I hope this isn´t a stupid question as I still have much to learn, so here´s my question:
    Why would anyone want to reverse the shaft on a brushless motor? The direction can be changed by swoping over a wire right? Is it perhaps because when used as a pusher it is better to have the wires coming out of the back of the motor that is furthest away from the propellor? or is there another reason?
    Many thanks Chris / Germany

  • jetcommander:

    Hello, can somebody please tell me how to get answers? I too am interested in the Aurora plans, please help. Thanks

  • snipeworm:

    I am sure it has been asked but I need to know. Why haven’t there been any builds using EDF’s ? I would really enjoy seeing what you guys could come up with.

  • 76OLDMAN:

    TO All Foam Board builders:
    Wal-Mart now sells colored foam boards at $2.88 per sheet. They have 5 color’s blue, brown, pink and two others as well as white. They do cost more than Dollar Tree but you do not have to paint or tape the plane to get other colors than white.

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