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Hey Everyone,

I have been getting quite a few emails from people requesting plans for my Project Jupiter plane. Well at this current time I do not have a complete set of construction plans. There may be some available in the future when i can sit down and draw all the details up for the plane like I usually do. This may take a little while as the Jupiter was kind of built with my “Free Flow” design method, basically making it up as you go. Scratch Building on the Fly. I did originally do some basic concept drawings at the Beginning, but that was about it.

So in the meantime, if any experienced builders would like the BASIC PARTS TEMPLATES and only that, I have created some PDF’s. Anyone deciding to try and build the Jupiter will have to improvise as I did and make up much of the design on your own. The PDF’s below are only the Basic Parts Patterns that can be used to cut out the major pieces of the Jupiter. I think anyone with some build experience can do that easily enough. The YouTube videos about the Jupiter may also be a little bit of help. Eventually I will make a more complete plan, but in the meantime the below PDF is available for free download.

Here are a few specs of the Plane:

  • 54-Inch Wingspan
  • 58 Inches long
  • CG is approximately 23-1/4 inches back from the tip of the nose.
  • 1100 to 1400 watts of power with 8×4 APC props.

If you are a beginner, I would not recommend trying to build the Jupiter. Again this is recommend for skilled builders who can improvise and finish on their own.

Click on Picture Below to get a free PDF plan.

Jupiter PDF

Jupiter PDF

Below are links to the Power system used for the Jupiter, (Two of Each).

(Click on Each Picture to follow link to HobbyKing’s website)

Turnigy Motor 3536-1400
Link to Motor

Turnigy Plush 60A ESC
Link to ESC

Batteries 2650 4S Lipo
Link to Battery