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12 Responses to “RCFF Gallery”

  • wildhover:

    just love the creativity that everyone has put into customizing the look of their favorite FF build

  • rickyjr1954:

    Can anyone give the CG of the scratch built predator I seen on u tube.

    Thanks Richard

  • PPetty:

    Awesome job everyone! It is so cool to see all the planes and your own personalized paint (tape) schemes. Thanks to all for sharing!


  • russman:

    hi im building the ff22 very very clear drawing congrats please would you recomend mixing and throughs .i will be building the full ff armarder of aircraft due to you r good plans many thanks ian (derbyshire,great britain)

  • raymondm2:

    I like the experamental forward swep wing it is sharp when do you think you will have plans for it and where do you get the hennery fiberglass weave tape from Ray

  • rayzor:

    I have the pink 1/2in foam from home depot, will that work for the supernova jet?

  • thesandman:

    just joined the great hooked and would love to make most of the birds listed , but im going to start out slow . i emailed some of pictures of my bird . which i call the widowmaker.

  • saurabh:

    hi.. , im saurabh wanting to build one glider ,have enough knowledge about circuitery n parts but have confusion about which model should i go for? n which part should i considered first to determine d other matching parts?
    can anyone recommend me??
    thank u..!!
    – saurabh

  • Shahid usman:

    hi i m shahid i am new to this site i want to make a rc plane but i have problems in making of design of plane i want to make a low price plane any ibody me my email is

  • shelly316:

    Hi am Shelly and I have been building RCFF planes from December 2011 , and I love this hobby . keep up the good work guys and a looking foward to see what new stuff you come out with.

  • Hawaiian RC AIR:

    A dream, till this day i hold in my heart As a Lt. in the United States Marine Core Pilot. My love and passion for the skies and the clouds has haunted me since i was the age of 7.The skills through my family trade of tile also known as custom stone masonary, marble, granite, limestone and so on has showed me the meaning of preciseness and the great laws of physics. I live here in Oahu Hawaii but also was raised in California. At the age of 16 i had been a rocketeer. Through the 15 years now in rocketry i have mastered it but still I learn something knew every day. In the past year in a half i got into radio controlled planes. Working with rockets all those years it taught me how to work with many types of materials.My goal here is to open the first all radio control air plane shop here in Hawaii which i can only request from you, Paul and Frank to be apart of RCFOAMFIGHTERS a branch here in Hawaii. My children from ages 6 to 18. That is 8 girls and 2 boys also my wife.So far i have created 8 planes from indoor planes to park jets.As I mastered my rockets I would love to fulfill the same with our planes.To you, Paul and Frank it would be an honor for my wife, children and I to help and to inspire those who have dreams and wishes that we share together. RCFOAMFIGHTERS is a team i would love to be apart of. As i said, i can only request to be apart of RCFOAMFIGHTERS here in Hawaii. For it would be for the children and those who also share the love and passion of the air as we do together as wing man and not for the money at all but for the generations to have positive dreams to look forward to which would build character by problem solving problems that will reach they’re heights through the goals they set for them selves.These children of all age groups has such a spark in their eyes when they see what can be created by one self and builds confidence and pride to accomplish and to understand what the world is about , balance.Just like our planes,quadcopters,tricopters and ourselves balance is key. Paul and Frank I can only ask if I may please be apart of RCFOAMFIGHTERS here in HAWAII. It would be a dream also a blessing to be able to be known as RCFOAMFIGHTERSHAWAII Thank you my Brothers…… If we could talk more about this my number is (808)217-1863 THANKS BRO’S ALOHA………..

  • yanrc:

    Many thanks to Noel Saudant for the Su 37 jet plan, increased the plan size to 150%, flying it just like the real thing, tight loop, short vertical take off, fast roll rate, almost no power landing, best scratch built aerobatic 3d jet so far…..

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