Foam, Glue, Tape And A Little Imagination

*** rcFoamFighters FF-SkyFighter V2 ***

Model Name: FF-SkyFighter V2

Plan Design By: Frank Petty (July 2009)

Description: Original EPP Foam RC Model Airplane created by Frank Petty. The SkyFigther was designed to be a fast and agile Flyer. The plane features a semi-delta shaped wing, contoured EPP fuselage and straight vertical stabilizers. Also features Mixed Delta Aileron/ Elevator control surfaces for “Bank and Hank” type flying. Recommended to hobbyists with Intermediate to Advanced foam building and Flying skills.


PDF Plan Cost:


Link to Tiled PDF Plans
Basic Plane Specs
Wingspan: 28.0 Inches
Length: 23.5 Inches
All Up Weight (AUW) 24.0oz.


Recommended Parts Needed To Finish Build
Basic Setup (90+MPH) Fast Setup (110+MPH)
Motor: 2212 2200KV Brushless Motor Motor: Grayson Hobby Super Mega Jet
ESC: 30A Brushless ESC with BEC ESC: 50A Brushless ESC with BEC
Prop: 6×4 PROP Prop: APC 6X5.5
Battery: 3S 2200mA 25C or Better Battery: 3S 2200mA 45C or Better
Servos: 2 Mini Metal Gear (9 to 16 gram) Servos: 2 Mini Metal Gear (9 to 16 gram)
TX/RX: 4-Ch or better w/Delta Mixing TX/RX: 4-Ch or better w/Delta Mixing

Original Old Development, & Flight Videos: