Foam, Glue, Tape And A Little Imagination

*** rcFoamFighters FF-VIPER-50 ***

Model Name: FF-VIPER-50

Plan Design By: Paul Petty (Feb. 2018)

Description: Original Foamboard RC Model Airplane created by Paul Petty. The FF-VIPER-50 is a 50mm EDF Jet. The plane features a KFm2 Airfoil main wing, 3D shaped fuselage and straight vertical stabilizers. Also features dual air intake ducts, One large one on the Bottom and another one just aft of the fuselage on the top side. The plane features basic Delta style Mixed Aileron & Elevator control surfaces for “Bank and Hank” type flying. Recommended all hobbyists with Basic to Advanced foamboard building skills. With the 50mm EDF setup this is a good plane for first time Foamboard EDF  builders and beginner Flyers.  It is fairly easy to build and has rock solid flight characteristics. 


PDF Plan Cost:


Basic Plane Specs
Wingspan: 23.0 Inches (58.42cm)
Length: 24.77 Inches (62.92cm)
All Up Weight (AUW) 18.0oz. (510.3gm)


Recommended Parts Needed To Finish Build
Basic Setup (50+MPH)
EDF & Motor: HobbyKing DR. Mad Thrust 50mm
ESC: 40A Brushless ESC with BEC
Battery: 4S 1300mA 60C or Better
Servos: 2 Mini Metal Gear (9 to 16 gram)
TX/RX: 4-Channel or better w/Delta Mixing

Build Video:

Flight Videos: Coming Soon, Stay tuned!!